Friday, June 17, 2016

June 17th

This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and then drove 2 hours away to zip line! On the way to the zip line, we stopped by a river to see crocodiles. There were many of them just sitting on the side of the river. They were so big! Then we zip lined through a Costa Rica rainforest, seeing many trees and a beautiful view. It. Was. Hot. Then at the end, the inevitable afternoon rain came. The second half of the group was soaked. Unfortunately, we couldn't all bring our phones zip lining, so we don't have much to show, but they did take pictures of each of us individually on the zip line and we will have those soon :) after zip lining, we ate lunch at a resort close by. The food was delicious of course, and the kids enjoyed eating ice cream!

After lunch, we went to the beach!!! The sand was so soft, and the view was incredible. The beach was really refreshing. Then we traveled to a souvenir market and shopped a little more for you friends and family at home. Then it was back to sitting in more Costa Rican traffic to get back to our hotel. When dinner was finished, Openhouse staff including Julio Gonzalez, lead pastor, and all of our translators this week came to our hotel for a farewell presentation. They thanked us for everything we have done over the past week, and also put together a sweet slideshow of us at the schools during the week. It was a real treat. They are all such incredible people.

Students and parent pairs had a chance to go off by themselves and talk about their experiences together this past week and share cards they had written for each other. After, our entire group circled up and prayed for Costa Rica and thanked our wonderful Father for this life-changing experience. Now it's off to packing and sleep before we have to wake up tomorrow and leave for the airport! A last blog post will be posted tomorrow morning :)

Blog collaborated by the following:

Michelle & Caitlin Kelly- We have had an incredibly life-changing week. We loved every minute working with the children at the school. Everyone has been so welcoming to our team. We are sad to leave Costa Rica tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. love to grandma Patty and Nita, uncle Michael, and Kelcee. See you tomorrow!

Tracie & Camden Nolde- We just want to say thank you to my husband Jeff for encouraging us to do this trip and holding down the fort while we have been gone all week. This has been a life-changing experience and is one we will remember forever. Our hearts are forever changed, and a piece of our hearts will remain in Costa Rica and at Lomas School forever!! Can't wait to hug my son Chase and daughter Kennedy Grace and my rock Jeff tomorrow back on U.S. soil!!! We love and miss you all!!!

Sophia Russell- Dear family, te amo mucho (I love you so much)!! And I miss you so much!!! I can't wait to come back, but I would love you to see and meet who I met. I met children with beautiful hearts and beautiful minds. Thank you all for supporting me. I say family, but I mean everyone who supported me. Thank you so much for letting me do this!

Thea Russell- Thank you so much for all your support and prayers!! Sophia and I have had an amazing journey here and are forever changed by the children, the staff, and this ministry. Cannot wait to see you soon!